Netflix Australia

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Yesterday (24/3/2015) marked the day for Australia’s newest streaming service Netflix. Netflix Australia will be the third movie and TV streaming service to launch in Australia this year, following Foxtel’s Presto and Fairfax/Nine Network’s Stan.

Pricing will be a key factor for users, with most people expecting to sign up for two services to get a wider library of content. Value will be key.

• Netflix — $8.99 for Standard Definition (SD) and single stream, $11.99 for HD two stream, $14.99 for 4K (Ultra-high Definition) four stream

• Stan — $10 a month for High Definition (HD) and up to three streams at once.

• Presto — $9.99 for two streams of SD and either just movies or just TV shows, $14.99 for both movies and TV shows

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